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Office Contacts - Hours MWF 10am - 5pm

   Umpire Schedules   Ump.scheduler@planobaseball.org      
   Game Schedules   Pbagamescheduler@planobaseball.org      
Customer Service    Coach & Player Assistance   customerservice@planobaseball.org 972-517-5800   972-517-5700 fax  
Kathy Lamb    Office Manager/Uniforms/Practice Fields/Sponsorships   Kathyl@planobaseball.org 972-517-5800     
Kristi Rudkin    Operations Manager/Accounting/Team Assignments   Kristir@planobaseball.org 972-517-5800     
Tracy Holman    Director of Baseball Operations/Tournament Director   Tournamentdirector@planobaseball.org 972-517-5800     

Board of Directors

Holman, Tracy    Director of Baseball Operations   tournamentdirector@planobaseball.org
Aldridge, Tomm    Treasurer   pba.league.director@gmail.com
Williams, Mike    Director of Umpire Training   mikecw_1968@yahoo.com
Avino, Mike    Secratary   mikeavino@hotmail.com
Forsythe, John    City Liaison   jforsythe@anewplacetolive.com

PBA Office

972-517-5700 (fax)