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Team Registration for Spring 2014

Welcome to the PBA online team registration system.  The following screens will allow you to register your team for the Spring 2014 season.

Create or log in using your user ID and password and many of the fields will be populated for you.     

New Coaches select "Register New Coach." Please use your LEGAL NAME when completing the registration.  You must be at least 18 years of age to coach 3s-14s and 21 years or older to coach the JV/Varsity leagues.

Returning coaches, after you log in be sure to select your own name--not your child's name.  Verify your information and update if necessary.

To comply with USSSA rules, PBA has made some changes to our leagues.  See below for a comparison between our Recreational and Competitive leagues.

Click here to view ‘Comp vs Rec Leagues Description

Click here to view information specific to your League.


An OPEN roster is for those teams who require assistance from PBA to complete their roster.  The players pay the individual registration fee directly to PBA.

A CLOSED roster is for those teams who will pay a one time team fee, recruit their own players and do not require assistance from PBA to complete their roster.    If you have a CLOSED roster, you must uncheck the box next to "Will allow office to assign players?"

PBA recommends:  BlastBall teams have a roster of 6 players and 5 T-Ball teams have a roster of 8 players.

Important Dates:
MARCH start registration fees increase after Feb. 9 MAY start registration fees increase after March 30
MARCH start Coaches' Meeting:  March 6 MAY start Coaches' Meeting:  April 24 

PAYMENTS: Only players applying for an Open team need to pay the individual registration fee.  All others should pay their coach directly.

Payment Note to Coaches of Closed teams:  The team fee covers up to 13 players, if you add a 14th or 15th player the additional fee per player is the amount of the individual registration fee for your league age.

SELECTING THE APPROPRIATE AGE GROUP (DIVISION):  The age of your team on April 30, 2014 is the appropriate age division for which you should register your team. Generally speaking, the fall season is when you would move up in age divisions. Unless, your team has been playing "up" then you would have the option to play in the appropriate age division for that given season.

Select your team name from the drop down list.  If your team name isn't a major or minor league name, choose "A Custom Team Name - E-mail PBA team name/color" from the drop down list and then send an email to customerservice@planobaseball.org with your requested team name.

PRACTICE LOCATION:  You may use this field to enter where and when your team will hold practices.  This is helpful information for the parents.

REMINDERS:  ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY whether on an open or closed roster in order to be eligible to play.  BLACKOUT DATES must be entered by the registration deadline!